In recent years, a lot of “experts” have said that traditional marketing is dying. With all the hype about digital marketing and digital marketers urging you to invest in digital marketing, you may think that traditional marketing is a lost cause. However, as honest marketers, we will tell you why traditional marketing is still relevant in today’s world. .

Traditional marketing is any type of marketing that isn’t online. It refers to print, phone, advertising (for example billboards), phone calls and radio etc. Like choosing the type of social media platforms to advertise on, it all comes down to what fits the needs of your business. A main benefit of traditional marketing is that ads can last longer. This is especially true in the the case of magazines, newspapers, billboard advertising or any other form of long term advertising such as the ad spaces in trains.

The first and foremost reason why traditional marketing is still relevant in today’s world is simply that everyone is not online. While that may seem hard to believe, it is true. Some people are very private and still like to communicate the old fashioned way. Hence, traditional marketing is the best way to reach these people.

Secondly, traditional marketing caters for older audiences who may not be tech savvy and still rely on conventional methods of communication. Senior citizens may prefer to receive promotions and ads through coupons and flyers for example. For industries such as healthcare, senior citizens are part of a larger audience that companies may want to target. Methods of traditional marketing can be utilised to reach this specific target group.

Traditional marketing can help your business to connect to your local audience. It is one of the few guaranteed methods of reaching your local community. It establishes and reinforces a relationship overtime with customers and this is advantageous for small businesses that have become a home brand in their local community.

Traditional marketing methods such as radio and newspaper advertising have also broken into the digital world. You can now access your newspapers online 24/7 and listen to your favourite radio broadcast on Facebook lives and on online streaming platforms such as TuneIn Radio. It will be advantageous to advertise with companies that also have an online presence so that you are reaching customers traditionally and digitally.

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