While Social Media has revolutionised the marketing field and drastically changed concepts, websites are still equally as important. So if you have a business, you should invest in having a website. This is especially important when your business is expanding. Why you may ask?

A website offers a structured layout and is better able to provide organised information about your business to your audience, allowing your customer to understand your entire product/service value proposition clearly. Secondly, you can set up an online store using e-commerce features which is not possible on social media. Customers can purchase your products and services in the comfort of their homes and you acquire sales without putting in extra work. Lastly, a website establishes credibility. Anyone can create a business page on social media, but customers often look to websites to fact check and measure your quality and reliability.

The biggest reason of all – not everyone is on social media. While majority of people have social media accounts and it is one of the best ways to reach customers. As a marketing agency, we can also tell you that social media is just one of the platforms on which you can attract customers. The type of business you are engaged in also dictates the platforms that you should market on.

You might think that your business doesn’t need a mobile app to sell products or to keep customers engaged. But if you want to start preparing for the future and see more benefits, you will need to invest in a mobile app. People spend on average 4 hours a day on their mobile phones mainly on installed apps.

A mobile app allows you to provide more value to your customers with features such as a loyalty program within your app. It helps to build a stronger brand through awareness and communication. Mobile apps also help you to stand out from your competition and reach out to younger demographics.

Building a mobile app for your business allows you to do direct marketing and provide top notch customer service.

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